AsaelToons Studios was an animation studio founded by Asael who created Lil' Petz


As 20th Century Fox AnimationEdit

December 23 2012-December 27 2012Edit

Asaeltoons starts of as TCF Animation.Used in The Quest.An animated short film.Later,the logo is in a Casual font with an exclamation speech bubble in December 27 2012.

December 27 2012-May 9 2013Edit

May 9 2013-presentEdit

In May,the colors were very odd.The bubble is brown instead of white and the text is white instead of black.

As Asael Polanco CartoonsEdit

June 9 2013-July 1 2013Edit

In June,the logo changes colours.

July 1 2013-July 26 2013Edit

July 26 2013-presentEdit

In July,a paramoutain is added.

As AsaelToonsEdit

December 2013-presentEdit

2014-Janurary 16 2014Edit

In 2014,the red circle is droped and the three stars are added (Copied from "Angry Birds").

Janurary 16 2014-presentEdit

In Janurary 16,"AsaelToons" was renamed again as "AsaelToons Studios",the stars are droped and include AB characters in this logo.(Red,Chuck,King,Pig,etc.)


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