Lil Petz
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Season 1-14, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date October 14, 1991 - January 7, 2004
Written by Asael Polanco
Directed by Eric Nagler
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Lil' Petz is a American animated television show created by Eric Nagler for Nickelodeon. The show follows our Petz going on adventures together.

The series premiered on October 14, 1991.



  • Russel - The show's main protagonist. He is a brown squirrel who has one teeth and gray-black glasses and falls in love with Matilda.
  • Matilda - Russel's girlfriend and Butch's sister. She is a yellow cat.
  • Lumpkin - He is a sad blue dog who has a one tooth and yellow shirt.

Recurring charactersEdit


  • Big Foot - The show's main antagonist. He is a hungry bear that eats all the Petz in town.
  • Witch - The show's secondary antagonist and the Big Foot's henchmen. She is bat that is stealing people's stuff and making magic potions.
  • Butch -


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